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Why it’s the Right Time to Start Dark Kitchen?

Less than five years ago, there was a time when restaurants dictated eating hours – 7am to 3pm and 7pm to 11pm( roughly depending upon locations) – and often customers’ meal times were coordinated with restaurants’ timings. Cut to 2019, when food aggregators have taken over the F&B industry, there is a rise of new concept – cloud kitchens.

Due to covid-19 , food industries have got worst hit compared to any other industries . Many may not visit restaurants due to risk of getting infected by this deadly virus . Once things get back to normal thr will be rise in food home delivery. By investing into dark kitchen, it will be a smart move and perfect time to enter in food business.

Our Dark Kitchen Brands

Where would you like to dine when you are craving for authentic North Indian food? Don't look too far when you have Sadda Punjab near you. Sadda Punjab is a QSR module that offers authentic Punjabi & North Frontier food with Indian tadka on it. The Punjabi cuisine originated in the Punjab and our we provides a rich tradition of Punjab right on your doorstep. This culinary is highly influenced by the local and agricultural ingredients. To give that bona fide taste, Sadda Punjab dishes up meals with our special chef made spices. Not only the taste but every spice used to make these dishes is the attraction of the restaurant.

Tandoori cooking is traditionally associated with Punjab, with keeping this in mind Sadda Punjab serves a wide range of kebabs like Lazeez Mutton Kakori Kebab, Purani Dilli ka Chicken Tikka, Mutton Rogan Josh, Rampur ka Murgh Kalimirch and some flavourful curries and much more. Sadda Punjab has carefully curated an a la carte menu and also offers combo dishes ranging from single person to large groups.

A 2019 report by National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) highlighted that 27% of the respondents surveyed called Chinese their top favourite cuisine after North Indian fare. Indo Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular culinary in India. To find the right mix of all ingredients is often difficult because people tend to be over-focused and forget to add local taste to their dishes. Given this, adaptation of Chinese seasoning techniques according to the Indian palate is the most known factor of Noodles and Curries.

Noodles and Curries offers a variety of Indo Chinese food. This QSR module focuses more on the making techniques. They use only high-quality ingredients and sauces and also cook dishes looking at the Indian flavours. As mentioned above, Indian Chinese food is the most go-to food option available in India, making it an effective option from a business point of view as well. The craze for Indo Chinese food in today's generation is another reason that receives a good percentage of profits in trade.

The large fandom for seafood makes it one of the most attractive area for business. Seafood or coastal food is in high demand because it has a distinct taste to it. If we look at the commercial market, India is one of the major seafood exporters, which also increases seafoods' demand in the hotel industry. Crazy Coastal offers a wide range of seafood and other coastal food. The menu includes dishes from the Konkan, Goa and South Indian coastal belts in particular. As we serve food from the expansive coastline, chances are there you will surely find your favourite dish here.

Crazy Coastal serves delicious dishes cooked with special Indian spices and herbs. We believe in serving the right blend of culture and taste of the region. We at Crazy Coastal, ensure that you will experience delicious seafood or coastal food dishes and will certainly satiate your cravings.

● Minimum Investment rs.10Lacs onwards.
● Minimum Area Required: 250 to 350 Sq. Ft.
● Impressive ROI within 24months.
● Marketing support.
● Staffing & recruitment support.
● Assistance in all Business Activities.

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