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Trusted Clients

Trusted Clients



Courtesy Hospitality can assist you with any aspect of your restaurant’s operation. Our team is made up of seasoned industry veterans who have “been there and done that” and used their expertise to help hundreds of restaurants across the country and around the world. Take a look at our list of services below, and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Property Selection

We choose the right property for your Restaurant Project, the floor of the property, we check if it is practically useful for operations or not, like how the exhaust to be planned, vendors entry, guest entry, and many other operational points of view on-site visit, also we take care of feasibility of rent and the business opportunity.

Project Budgeting

We choose the appropriate budget for your hotel including Direct & Indirect costs, Fixed & Variable costs, Labor & Materials, Travel, types of equipment & Space, that may impact your project expenses.

Revenue Model

We focus on all areas of the business including Brand, Sales, Operations, Finance, Advertisements, Affiliate marketing, Rental, Brokerage, Platform/marketplace, and Digital products.


It will take time to cover the cost of the initial investment even when the restaurant begins to turn a profit. We help you to decide how much money you’ll need to spend before the restaurant turns a profit.


We come up with new ideas for your Business Services names that sound great and are extremely brandable, we mostly focused on creating brands that appeal to the customer values.

Coordination with vendors

We plan a strategic approach to build and maintain relationships with your best vendors including Restaurant Cuisine planning to get the most out of your vendors and to manage them properly.

Bar Setup

We take care of it all from procuring the liquor license to buying the specific & right types of equipment for the bar which includes Bar equipment, Cocktails station, Storage, and Wine seller.

Kitchen Setup

Components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance & efficiency with Floor plan, Equipment, Storage, Exhaust, Fresh air, water, electricity, plumbing, Drainage & outlets.

Service Area Setup

We are one of the leading consultants for providing end-to-end consultancy for setting up all the restaurant needs including Floor Plan, Table setup, Service flow, Storage, Air conditions, TV & projectors, Sound & Cash counters.

Interview and Hiring

We conduct initial rounds of technical/domain interviews, Hirings, HR cost structure, Service Training, Menu training, Restaurant etiquettes & Styling of service on your behalf to shortlist best profiles.

Menu Planning

We compiled menu planning services which include Selection of dishes, Food costing, Selling price, Menu designing, Bar costing & ordering, Food inventory process, Cocktails, and Mocktails designs.


We deliver a highly personalized, Various food vendors, Various liquor, beverage vendors, Kitchen equipment, Exhaust / fresh air, Kitchen utensils, Bar utensils, Cutlery/crockery & serving wares, Furniture.

Trademark & Copyrights Registration

We are specialized in providing legal help & providing people legal information just in their hands to easily use it. We provide a solution to all the individual, business person, corporate body for the issues faced in their everyday life.

Agreements & Contracts

Whether you are interested in protecting your estate, managing a rental property, setting up a business, or any other situation requiring legal forms, Courtesy Hospitality is able to assist you with your legal needs with all of the documents and legal resources.

All Licenses Work

We provide reliable and legitimate licenses and forwarding quick approvals and clearance, cooperating with the respected licensing and government agencies for the best services, and renewing the licenses within a short time period.

Collaboration & Cross Branding

We mainly focused on something as simple as giving a ‘shout out’ to another company on social media in exchange for one in return, to a full-scale joint ad campaign and anything in between.

PR & Branding

In Public relations, we developed an effective communication link between the restaurants and their customers. In Branding, we aim to perform the unique presence of your restaurant in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Digital Media & Social Media

We have an expert advertising team for creating, designing & implementing ad campaigns. We are proficient at driving results as we understand the need for best practices of advertising that is essential on social media platforms.

Market Survey

Whatever your market research requirements are, we've got you covered! Specializing in taking up new concepts and methods of market research in Hospitality.